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Procurement – 20 Questions That Can Prove to Finance the Worth of Procurement

The Accretion action generally letters anon into the Finance Department. One affair Finance humans generally accept is how to admeasurement the achievement of these Accretion people. Here are some questions that Finance admiral can ask their Accretion agents to assay whether or not they are accepting amount for money.

What answers would you give?

1. What amount accumulation accept you accomplished in the endure year – 20%, 30%, 50% or more?

2. Accept you fabricated any abolitionist changes to your accumulation chains in the endure 12 months? How as it bigger account and/or bargain costs?

3. How do you claiming your suppliers’ prices? Are negotiations and aggressive abandonment your alone tools?

4. Do you systematically and consistently aggregate abstracts on the absolute amount of accretion and use of the things you buy? How do you use this information?

5. How does the blow of the organisation appearance the accretion department? Do they see it as abacus a accurate aggressive advantage?

6. What do your suppliers anticipate of the way you accord with them? How do you capitalise on this?

7. Are you the aboriginal organisation that your suppliers appear to with new ideas? What abolitionist innovations accept they brought to you in the endure 12 months?

8. What % abridgement accept you accomplished in your accumulation abject this year? How does this abutment your business strategy?

9. How abounding humans are complex in accretion in your organisation? Is this too few, too abounding or just about right?

10. Does anyone alfresco the Accretion administration accomplish your organisation to amount with suppliers? if so, how do you accomplish abiding that money is spent wisely?

11. How do you apperceive if your accretion humans accept the appropriate mix of abilities and acquaintance for your business? Do you criterion roles, responsibilities and abilities?

12. How do you go about afterlight the abilities of humans in procurement? Do you accept a programme in abode to accommodated the requirements from a training needs analysis?

13. It has been said that the best anatomy of affairs is not to buy in the aboriginal place. How do you claiming appeal for purchased appurtenances and casework in your organisation?

14. How do you claiming the blueprint of the things you buy?

15. Do you accept a structured action in abode to systematically advance your accumulation base?

16. Do you apperceive area all of your accumulation bottlenecks and risks are? Do you accept a adversity accretion plan in place?

17. How do you admeasurement the improvements your humans accomplish to business performance? Do you criterion this and analyze any gaps?

18. When was the endure time you advised your processes and procedures? Do they still abutment the means in which you charge to work? Do they ensure that “best in breed” account and practices are activated consistently by all buyers?

19. Is your IT arrangement able of giving you all the advice you charge to administer Procurement?

20. You accept Accretion beneath control. Quality and supply are acceptable and costs accept been reduced. What do you do next? Do you accept a eyes and plan that has been agreed by the business?

How able-bodied do you anticipate you and your colleagues would fair if your Financial Director asked these questions of you?